Success by Six

Success by Six Overview

Success by Six (SB6) is a nation-wide United Way framework used to build public-private partnerships with community leaders to mobilize early childhood efforts. SB6 works to ensure that all children are ready to succeed when they enter school. This core value is driving SB6 leaders in developing comprehensive action plans to address both short and long-term needs of children in our community, region, state and country.


With community support for all families, every child will enter kindergarten ready for success.


Mobilize the community to support families ensuring that all children are nurtured and ready for kindergarten.

Our Role

SB6's role in the community is to fund early childhood programs and initiatives; build community awareness about early childhood issues and what can be done to increase school readiness; leverage resources; conduct assessments regarding children and families; influence systems on behalf of young children; and serve as a facilitator, broker, community problem-solver and leader in community efforts around early childhood.

Strategic Commitments

  • Educate and support parents

  • Enhance the system and awareness for early assessment of developmental concerns

  • Strengthen and expand early childhood infrastructure

  • Increase quality and access to early learning experiences

Success by Six Forums

Success by Six Forums are quarterly networking and resource sharing opportunities that connect early childhood stakeholders and professionals throughout the region. Click here to request updates on what is happening in early childhood or if you have questions about Success by Six. 

When all kids have the best possible start, we are all better off!